Vodafone iPhone SIM Only

Vodafone is extremely liked by both existing customers and new ones. You get very good coverage with Vodafone on the 4G network. As a SIM only customer you also get extremely good benefits so that you can appreciate music videos and sports on your mobile phone as part of the package you can now choose from Spotify, Now TV and Sky Sports Mobile.

vodafone iphone simVodafone offers a wide range of tariffs available on both rolling 30 days contract and a 12 month deal. The 12 months deal is of greater value as you can get more minutes data and texts.

Regardless of what your budget is, you should be able to find a tariff that is suitable for your needs. There is also great flexibility in the iPhone SIM only deals offered by Vodafone.  For greater value, you should choose the 12 months for more savings. The networks generally give you an incentive you are on a longer contract. If you like the fact of greater flexibility then you can choose to be on the monthly deal.

You have great flexibility with Vodafone as they offer Vodafone global roaming where you can use your UK data and minutes and texts abroad. If you are on a 12-month contract after three months, you can upgrade to a new phone.

With SIM only you do not get a mobile phone so you are free to choose a tariff that you need. As you use contract free mobile, you can enjoy great value tariffs, which has all the benefits of a contract phone except for paying for a phone with the contract. You can keep the phone you have and save money on top of that.

To enjoy 4G mobile network your handset should be at least 4G capable if your mobile is not 4G you can still use your phone except it will run on 3G slower network.