The O2 network was the first leading carrier in the UK to carry the iPhone. Over the last couple of years, mobile carriers have increased their offerings of SIM only contracts. This is because of two reasons one is that mobile networks do not make much profit from contract deals. Networks make more money by selling you an iPhone SIM only contract, as they do not have to subsidise the cost of the iPhone making them more money.

o2 iphone simO2 deals include free Wi-Fi and offer regular promotional deals costing you less. You also get priority offers getting freebies with O2. Deals start from just £10 and for the more advanced users you can get unlimited minutes and 20 GB of data.  O2 iPhone SIM only deals are generally balanaced deals with plenty of minutes and data for the right price.

To make savings you can choose to buy an iPhone out of contract or by using existing iPhone to get the best value for money and make hundreds of pounds savings a year.  With the iPhone X starting from around thousand pounds this is a considerable amount to pay on a monthly contract it is much more affordable to use and existing phone on a SIM only and buy the phone SIM free phone

Once you are out of contract you do not need to renew it or go for an upgrade if you want to save money, you can keep your current handset and just pay a monthly tariff with a certain amount of minute’s texts. Without having a subsidised phone you can find the best tariff you really need to meet your priorities and your ability pay each month. You will find that paying extra data is unnecessary unless you are going to be streaming movies or playing online games. However, if you do find that you go over the limit then there is an extra charge for that. If you use your phone for business, you may want to consider unlimited minutes, as you may not need to get extra data.

When you are ready to choose your plan make sure you check our website for the latest O2 iPhone SIM only deals. O2 continually have promotions running, current promotions can include half price deals or extra data on the tariff.