EE iPhone SIM only

New mobiles like the iPhone can cost upward of a £1000 not including any EE iPhone SIM only deals and on a contract can easily cost over £40 per month.  If you are not in the market for the latest phone, you can easily get a cheap EE iPhone SIM only tariff for as little as £5 per month.

EE have never been known to over cheap deals but they do have one of the best coverage for 4G.  You can even get decent tariff with 20GB of data in the mid range of prices.

ee iphone simHere are some reasons to choose EE SIM only

If you are a data users that likes to have fast download and streaming on your iPhone then EE is the network for you.  EE offers the fasted 4G network, much faster than the competition.

Free Apple Music

EE offers 6-month free Apple music for both monthly and 12months SIM only contracts.  The data you use does not come out of your tariff.  Once your free offer has ended, you are charged for the service and any data comes out from your plan.

Free BT Sport

As an added bonus, you also get free BT sport.  You get app access for three months, after the three months you are charged £5, which you can cancel at any time.

Student Discount

Students are always hard up but with EE, they offer a discount on your mobile tariff.  If you are, a student EE is offer a discount of 20% and 500mb data safety net each month.